Penile extenders can be used to help increase the length, girth, and size of a penis, not to mention, straighten the curvature of the organ. Apart from that, these medical devices can help improve erection and the erectile process, using the highly regarded traction technique. Designed to be worn at least 7 hours a day for 6 months to a year, these traction devices are very effective with long-lasting results, not to mention, safe. Having said that, here are the top 3 high-quality extenders to watch out for in 2021:

1. Quick Extender Pro


Rated among the penis extenders, Quick Extender Pro provides long-lasting results within a short period. Using a proven scientific approach known as “traction”, this extender will increase the size of your penis by a few inches, fix penile curvature, promote rock hard and quick erection, not to mention, solve the premature ejaculation problem.

Notably, Quick Extender Pro is so versatile that it fits all penis sizes. That means men with a small penis of any size can gain value out of it. One thing you can be sure of is that using this product will make you forget about all pills, supplements, surgery, and all the other penile enlargement substitutes.

2. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a great burgan. This penile extender is perfectly designed to enhance the length of your manhood by stretching it out. It’s very convenient, effective, and comfortable with prominent benefits that set it apart from the rest. Other benefits that will come with using this product include significantly improved penis length and girth, better erection, and total flexibility as it fits any penis size. Simplicity is another reason why many buyers are attracted to Phallosan Forte.

This product comes with bells of various sizes to be worn easily on every size of a penis. You can choose a bell size that best fits you according to the size of the glans of your penis glans. Also, the sleeves of this product can be worn like a condom with ease, making it convenient to be worn. What’s more, it features a suction ball with a 3-way pressure valve system to enhance traction necessary for penile growth.

3. Size Genetics

Size Genetics will perfectly increase the length of your penis, correct a curvature in your penis, and allow you to have harder as well as stronger erections. Notably, this product is widely known for helping many people have a better penis. Designed with MDA technology to let the user wear the device from a conceivable angle for ultimate comfort, it has consistently shown great results. Plus, it’s lightweight, durable, and FDA-approved.

Size Genetics comes with an easy-to-read manual that has simple instructions on it about how to wear the device. For maximum benefits, the device must be worn for 6-12 hours daily for 6 months maximum. But you can also wear it for 4-6 hours daily to get great results.

There is a reason why women prefer men with a bigger penis over their counterparts with a smaller or average-sized penis. A bigger penis means powerful orgasms, deeper penetration, and maximum sexual satisfaction for a woman. The good news is that men who don’t naturally have a bigger penis can now have one, thanks to the best penis extenders out there. These medical devices use traction–a scientifically proven method to increase the length and girth of a penis leading to a bigger penis. This is very effective, safe, and long-lasting.

With that said, are you looking for a good penis extender? If yes, you won’t regret trying Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, or Size Genetics. Each of these extenders is easy to use and proven to work. Similarly, each product provides lasting results.
There is no getting away from the fact that men are anxious about their penis size. The anxiety emanates from the pressure from women 85% of whom prefer men with bigger penis over those with a smaller or average-sized penis.

Consequently, there is a lot of buzz about penis enlargement. The pharmaceutical industry along with magazines all aggressively promote the use of various techniques including supplements, pills, exercises, and medical devices to enlarge small penises.

But do all these treatments work the same? The answer is not. While there are several techniques as you can see, only one of them works best—penile extenders.